Kelvin T

Kelvin T, full name Tang Fong Ching Kelvin, is a 20-year-old DJ and music producer from Hong Kong. Having started making music since he was in secondary school at the age of 15, Kelvin has managed to finish and self release 7 EPs on his own and released his new EP ‘Sedative’ through Hong Kong-based label Absurd TRAX. In 2016, he joined the forward-thinking Shanghai-based label Genome 6.66 Mbp and subsequently resided in local label Absurd TRAX later that year. He has played in Sonar Festival Hong Kong both in 2017 and 2018, and his music has received plays on NTS Radio, Radar Radio and RBMA Radio.

Kelvin T,全名鄧方正,是一名20歲在香港土生土長的DJ和音樂製作人。他從初中開始音樂製作,至今知己完成了7張EP,亦於Absurd TRAX發行了新專輯Sedative EP。遠超他年紀的敏銳觸覺使他在互聯網音樂場景色上嶄頭露角。他先後加入了前衛上海工廠牌Genome 6.66 Mbp、本地團隊Absurd Trax以及Hong Kong Community Radio。他於每次演出中急速成長,陸續在現場試驗live set、聲線、以及visual。滿面稚氣的他所製作的暗黑舞曲已多次被不同DJ選播於 NTS、Radar Radio、RBMA等網上電台。他亦於2017年和2018年Sonar音樂節表演。